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How do I know this is the best for me?

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have proposed five criteria for excellence in work-related assessments.  When choosing the best pre-employment test for your workplace, consider the five Attributes of Excellence tabulated below.


Is the test safe to administer for the worker and the assessor?

  • Environment and equipment
  • Procedures and protocols
  • Exclusion criteria


Are the test results reproducible on any occasion between evaluators and participants?

  • Use standardised procedures


Does the test measure what it reports to measure and is it predictive of performance?

  • Job-specific
  • Based on essential tasks


Is the test easy to administer with reasonable / minimal cost? 

  • Time, cost, equipment
  • Employer, assessor and worker perspective


Does the functional test relate to job performance and does it meet the needs of the involved parties? 

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