Increase Accuracy with the JobFit System PEFA™

Why is the evidence important?

The JobFit System PEFA™ has successfully undergone scientific testing for Reliability and Validity.  They have demonstrated Good to Excellent Reliability (Legge & Burgess-Limerick, 2007b) which means that regardless of which of the JobFit System Services Partners does the PEFA™ and where, it will be done exactly the same way every time. 

JobFit Systems have also demonstrated High Validity (Legge & Burgess-Limerick, 2007a), which means that not only do the PEFA™s meet anti-discrimination legal requirements but they will also provide the employer, and the worker, meaningful and useful information. 


Legge, J. & Burgess-Limerick, R. (2007a)  Validating the JobFit System Functional Assessment Method.  ACARP Project C14045 Final Report.

Legge, J. & Burgess-Limerick, R. (2007b) Reliability of the JobFit System Pre-Employment Functional Assessment Tool.  Work 28(4), pp 299-312

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